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  Prof. Maria F. Cortés, DDS, MSc. Dentist, Masters in Radiology
  Efrain A. Miranda, Ph.D. CEO, Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc.
  Prof. Claudio R. Molina, MSc. Physical Therapy, Masters in Biomedical Sciences
  Sanford S. Osher, M.D. Gynecologic Operative Endoscopy
  Prof. Cristián Uribe, MSc Physical Therapy, Masters in Human Anatomy
  Randall K. Wolf, MD, FACS, FACC Cardiovascular Surgery, AFib Surgery

Vesalius and Vesaliana

The following individuals have contributed articles to our blog with articles on Andreas Vesalius

  Pascale Pollier  Pavlos Plessas
  Maurits Biesbrouck, MD.  Sylviane Déderix, Ph.D.
  Theo Dirix  Rudi Coninx, MD