Dr. Efrain A. Miranda

Efrain A. Miranda, Ph.D.

Dr. Efrain A. Miranda is the CEO of Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc.  A former professor of Neuroanatomy at the University of Chile Medical College, he also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Anatomy at the Cell Biology, Anatomy and Neuroanatomy Department of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  Dr. Miranda is an active member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA) and the Human Anatomy and Physiology Association. He is a Presidential Appointee to the Clinical Anatomical Terminology Committee of the AACA.

Dr. Miranda has a diverse background.  He has held several positions in the medical devices industry including  Marketing Director and member of the Management Board of Johnson & Johnson Chile.

He  served as the Associate Director of Medical Education at Johnson & Johnson Endo-Surgery Institute in Cincinnati, where he worked closely with Dr. Aaron Ruhalter. Later, Dr. Miranda served as Director of the Hill-Rom International Training and Education Institute.  Dr. Miranda speaks several languages and has written several chapters in Minimally Invasive Surgery books. He has lectured at several international surgical conferences, and is known in the USA, Europe, and South America.

He is recognized for his expertise at lecturing on anatomical and surgical topics, while tailoring his lectures to the specific marketing and sales needs of each company. Upon request, these lectures can be combined with a human specimen (fresh or embalmed) demonstration, as shown in the accompanying image.

Dr. Miranda conducting a fresh specimen demo lab
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This is a powerful technique that prepares the sales representative for the anatomy and surgical technique that will be discussed with their client physician. The use of clinical anatomy laboratories is especially useful when training engineers that will be conversing with surgeons in the process of developing new medical and surgical devices.

Utilizing a layer-by-layer technique, he hand-draws colored sketches depicting the area being studied.  This technique has proven to be extremely effective with sales representatives when combined with PowerPoint presentations and clinical imagery. 

A sample of these drawings can be found on this web site.  Dr. Miranda uses humor and adult learning activities to increase retention for the attendees to his lectures.  As part of his lectures, he coined the "Anatomical laws of Miranda". Should you want to book him for a lecture at your company, please do so through our Contact Us page.

Part of Dr. Miranda's activities and one of Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. core competencies is the preparation of feasibility studies using embalmed or fresh human specimens. These studies are conducted under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and have enabled start-up medical companies to patent and launch medical and surgical devices.

One of Dr. Miranda's contacts on LinkedIn states "Dr. Miranda has helped us perform both cadaver and literature-based feasibility studies for a couple medical implants for very different applications. His anatomical knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts are fantastic. He goes beyond simply providing an answer by offering clear and in-depth rationale/justification for his decisions. Beyond his capabilities as an anatomist, Dr. Miranda understands the benefits and challenges of working with a startup company as a service provider..."

Feasibility study
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Dr. Miranda in Brazil

As part of his activities, Dr. Miranda has trained international medical translators.  Today, some of these professionals belong to the network that comprises Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. This picture shows Dr. Miranda and the attendees to the 1st Terminology and Anatomy Course for Medical Translators held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1999.  Similar courses have been scheduled world-wide.

As part of his commitment to the medical community Dr. Miranda created and maintains the free blog "Medical Terminology Daily". He is also a Medical Book collector and has published  his library catalog. At the bottom of this page there are images of his bookplate (Ex-Libris) and his library and office.

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Dr. Miranda's Ex-Libris
Dr. Miranda's Ex-Libris
 Dr. Miranda's Library
Dr. Miranda's Library and Office