It is impossible to measure the level of inspiration, education, and attention to fine detail that being your student has brought me. I am eternally grateful. T.C.

Dr. Miranda has helped us perform both cadaver and literature-based feasibility studies for a couple medical implants for very different applications. His anatomical knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts are fantastic. He goes beyond simply providing an answer by offering clear and in-depth rationale/justification for his decisions. Beyond his capabilities as an anatomist, Dr. Miranda understands the benefits and challenges of working with a startup company as a service provider. This type of work elicits an obvious joy on his part, which comes through noticeably in his work. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I enthusiastically recommend his services. ~ A. Duke (LinkedIn)

Dr. Miranda, the experience in your class at our company was one of a kind. You do bring back the historical nature of the word Doctor, meaning "to teach". ~ F.R. (MTD subscriber)

Dr. Miranda, thank you for sharing with us your time and expertise in our Suture Workshop. We very much appreciate your generosity. ~ The University of Mount Saint Joseph Pre-Health Club

"Just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful Anatomy course that you taught here for the new hires and engineers at our company campus the last two days. My team and I had first heard about this course last year but unfortunately did not make it in. Many had praised the course particularly in regards to how you go about teaching it that is both enjoyable and helps maximize retention. My team and I can say now that the class truly “lived up to its hype”. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again in the future." ~ Y.N. Chow

"I first met Dr. Miranda in 2003... he was one of the Gross Anatomy laboratory instructors and it quickly became obvious that this was someone who knew everything! so... you needed to ask him what is it you want explained and in what language do you want it explained!!... and he has the anatomical dissection skills of a surgeon" ~ Professor D. Miller, Science Chairperson Deer Park High School

“I had the opportunity to use Dr. Miranda as a neuroanatomy trainer for our international sales team. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in medical sales management who demands excellence from their field team. He took the time to understand the nature of his audience, and tailored his training to the appropriate level. He arrived organized and prepared for his presentation. One of the keys to his style is that he demands a working knowledge of fundamentals prior to moving forward. Dr. Miranda speaks multiple languages which is a huge advantage for those who manage international teams. Dr. Miranda also has an engaging style that keeps students involved and motivated to learn, even with highly complex material. ~ Bryan Walker

“Efrain [Miranda] provided anatomical expertise for a variety of projects involving our wireless neurostimulator implant. He also helped us provide rationales for design inputs on future generations of our devices based on a detailed understanding of the anatomy. He was very capable at searching the scientific literature to determine if the data had already been gathered and then if it hadn't, he was an expert at helping us determine how best to implant our device based on anatomy studies. I highly recommend him.” ~ Will Rosellini

“Dr. Miranda is a true professional, with enormous knowledge in the field of human anatomy. In addition, and of equal importance, Dr. Miranda is an extremely skillful teacher, who communicates well with the audience, lecture on complicated material and a clear and understandable manner.” ~ Yaron Silberman

“He tailor fits his lectures to our specific needs and as an added bonus could communicate in French and Spanish and Italian to those that needed further explanations in those languages.” ~ Lori Saper

“His use of creative training techniques and adult learning principles to bring program content to life is unrivaled amongst his peers.” ~ James Thein

“Dr. Miranda has been an outstanding resource for our anatomical work and educational programs. He is extremely knowledgeable of specialized anatomy, and he is an excellent teacher who works well with many of our colleagues with a wide variety of experience levels. He is also a pleasure to work with, and I would certainly recommend his services for any high-level anatomical work or training needs.” ~ Doug Evans

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