Educational Materials Development

Clinical Anatomy Associates creates a variety of educational materials for training and marketing.  These include pre-training handouts, training manuals, anatomical images, marketing pieces, electronic presentations, and sales aids. All of them can be created and customized to meet the needs of your company.  In every case one of our associates will evaluate the sales or marketing objectives targeted, competencies that need to be attained by the trainee, and will recommend the most cost-effective option for the material being developed.

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Anatomy & Procedures

Only a properly trained individual can maintain a thought-provoking conversation with a Health Care professional. The communication must include high-level proper terminology, an in-depth understanding of the human anatomy and physiology as well as the steps in the surgical procedures being discussed.

The core competencies of Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. include Medical Terminology,  Clinical Anatomy, and Surgical Procedures. These are included in all our educational material which is focused to the Medical Device Industry Professional.

We believe that learning is attained not by the rote repetition of information, but when able to demonstrate high level communication skills with the health care professional. We do not ascribe to the “need to know” philosophy that plagues training in the medical industry.

Medical Illustration

Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc, works with different medical illustrators to provide illustrations, sketches, drawings in different digital formats to become part of the materials that we offer. 

One of the problems that affects medical illustration is the disregard of anatomical accuracy in favor of artistic licenses. All our material is developed under the careful supervision of a medical professional to assure accuracy.

Depending on the project, we propose the most effective medium, as well as the proper artist to develop the illustration.

Contact us with your requirements; following are some examples of our work. Click on an image to see a larger depiction.

Anterior view of the heart and coronaries

Anterior view of the thorax


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