Dr. Elizabeth A. Murray

Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Dr. Elizabeth Murray is a forensic anthropologist and an anatomist. She is one of a few anthropologists to hold a diploma and certification by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology.  Dr. Murray’s teaching has been honored with several awards, but her interest in education goes far beyond the classroom.

Dr. Murray is an author, researcher, and media consultant whose work has taken her around the world.  She was an on-camera scientific consultant for the four-part National Geographic Channel mini-series, Skeleton Crew/Buried Secrets, and she is a regular cast member for the Skeleton Stories TV series on the Discovery Health Channel.  Additionally, she has served as a forensic anthropology consultant for local, regional, and national agencies and organizations for over 25 years. 

For more information about Dr. Murray and a complete list of her consulting services, please visit her website at the University of Mount St. Joseph.